BIP Spoilers: Feeling pretty 80/40

First off – I know you have missed me with there not being a show this week. How dare they celebrate the 4th of July? What is this? 1776?

Guys. The rumors about this season of Bachelor in Paradise are getting out of control.

I’m getting super excited for this train wreck to begin. Something is telling me that this is going to be SO much better than last season…and not just because Joe won’t be there..

…Or will he?

Evidently amongst the randos nobody remembers from Kaitlyn’s season (because we were too busy oogling Shawn and watching her bang Nick V), there are 3 proposals.


3 f–king proposals. I mean….c’mon…


SO WHO?? Oh…. I’m gonna tell you. I don’t care if I spoil it. But if you don’t like spoilers…


Josh & Amanda. After being on Famously Single and evidently being a superdouche to Andi, this seems super promising. Amanda is all for introducing her kids to any dude. So far we’ve seen 2 and we’ve known her for .0009 seconds and only on maybe 20 minutes of television. He’s hot but she’s way too pretty for him.


Grant & Lace. Wait… what the what???? Wait? I’m gonna need to f–king see this.


Carly & Evan. UM this might be the best thing I have ever heard in my life. Carly is amazing and Evan is a teddy bear with an emo haircut and I can’t wait to see how this unfolded. Carly got screwed last season so props to this girl for coming back for another round. Girls got balls. Also – notice the shirt he is wearing below…..RIP, shirt. #CHAD



SO these leaves us with these burning, very important questions. How much booze did they drink where 3 engagements happen in 3 weeks? Because…duh. How famous does Josh think he is actually going to get in the long run? Are Amanda’s kids catching on to the scheme? Why didn’t Claire come back for her 5743687 season? Did she? Did Ashley skin Jared and wear his face as clothing? Did Carly learn anything from Kirk? Why didn’t Chad get engaged?

JK. Obviously Chad didn’t get engaged.

I’ll post more spoilers if you want. Follow the Rose Before Hoes Instagram for more… @rosebeforehoesblog (Yes, Vinny & Christian have liked my photos so I’m actually kind of a big deal).


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