Wine, Bachelor, & Yoga Pants. Obviously.

May 23rd is coming up quickly! I’m so ready for Jojo, aren’t you?

Seriously, guys. Only 11 days. I’m so excited I could pee.

Too much? TMI? Sorry. But seriously I’m so excited. EEEk.

One of the best parts of watching bachelor anything is vegging out on the couch or throwing a weekly viewing party with your girls wearing what else : yoga pants. What cha drinking? Wine. Obviously. So when I started seeing Clothing By Owl popping up on social media on all my favorite bachelorettes, I immediately got on board. Now I’m all set and have the perfect gear for a perfect session of watching our favorite train wreck love story.


Wine, Bachelor, & Yoga Pants on the beautiful Jojo – Get it HERE 

You guys have to check this site out. And the clothing is SO soft.

Come on, I know you want to be cool like me. (anybody buying that?).

We’re partnering up with Clothing By Owl for this season and I’m SO excited to share that with you all!

Use the DISCOUNT CODE: RoseBeforeHoes for a 10% discount!!!

I hope you are as obsessed as I am!

Stay tuned this season and I’ll be running a contest or two for you to win one of your fave tanks from the site!


Messy Bun, Bachelorette, & Yoga Pants – get it HERE 


The beautiful Jade wearing Bachelor & Chili – get it HERE (And it’s on SALE right now! Talk about meant to be….)

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