Bachelor Ben: Week 7 Recap

Warsaw, Indiana. Sigh. We’ve seen worse *cough cough Chris Soules*

The girls all throw themselves in to piles of leaves and yell “yippee!” so we can all see how super genuinely stoked they are to be there. Anddddd scene. Ben must be like a lost chihuhua all wet and shaky when he gets too far from his parents cuz he’s baaacccck!

One on one with Lauren B and he shows her his hometown – his high school, place he had his first kiss, where he bought his first burrito, the first movie theatre his mom let him go to… the works. Then they head to the community center to pimp out some small children for “ooos and awwws”. One of them starts crying in the corner and Prince Charming Ben comes to the rescue “These are my favorite moments here…” Making kids cry!? “What’s your name, small child? You look like a guy who needs to have some fun” Kid: “You look like a guy who needs to mind his own freaking business.” They talk about their feels while random pro basketball players divert the kids. All in all a little too perfect and a little boring. But Lauren will probably win so keep that in mind.


Jojo gets a one on one at Wrigley Field and Ben can’t figure out why she doesn’t feel like he likes her. Oh, it’s NOT normal for her to not entirely trust a guy dating 5 other chicks?Jojo is the only one with her head on straight.

Group date to the barn from Chris Soules season. JK, but basically. They fly kites and run around in the grass so they know how boring their life would be. Becca finally opens up and Amanda gets the rose. Caila is sad like a Disney princess caught in the rain after a street fight. Also, she talks about being a moss on a tree wherever she goes so she’s basically going to be a fungus. Hooray love! Amanda and Ben go to McDonalds for dinner. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. “OMG we got to go behind the counter and serve food!”. Yah, hun, that’s not a date. You just got put to work without a hairnet so don’t get me started on the health code violations. “This is totally me, I’m here every day if my mom doesn’t have time to make my sandwiches”- Ben.

Emily gets a one on one, too. For someone who only recently became anything known other than “twin” to us, she sure seems certain she’s ready to marry Ben and have like 100 babies. She tells his dad she likes movies and hates veggies like all the other 13 year olds in homeroom. Ben’s mom hates her so much that she cries, so that’s definitely over. “She seems…” -Mom


We say goodbye to Becca but I feel the feels that we will see her again ‪#‎beccaforbachelorette‬


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