Is that kiss count? Yes, yes it is.

I’m not exactly sure why it took me so long to add this. Let’s be honest, Jojo isn’t wasting any time getting her french on with these bros this season. It’s only been 2 episodes and we’ve seen her kiss 6.5 dudes. But also – you go, girl. Because why not? Gotta test out that merchandise. But also, “you break it you bought it”. Right?


And now my fiancé likes to chant a beautiful song he made up “they call her Jojo….she won’t say no-no…”

SO let’s tally up the lucky bros thus far.

  • Will = .5 because we all saw how awk and unsolicited that was. Aka pity kiss.
  • Jordan
  • Luke
  • Grant
  • Derek
  • James T
  • Chad

I’ll keep you all up to speed so keep your eyes on the Kiss Counter now visible on the homepage alongside our favorite female unicorn (aside from coconut the horse, of course).

Jojo’s inner dialogue:


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