Let’s Talk About the Jojo Show

If she wasn’t one of your favorites during Ben’s season, then something is wrong with you. I literally found myself imagining drinking wine and laughing with our favorite perky pair of cha chas because I truly think we would totes be besties. So if anyone like KNOWS her knows her, get me the digits!


From all my very in-depth reading, researching, and listening, I hear that she is taking this VERY seriously taping the season, and that there are a supreme amount of douches great guys to look forward to watching battle it out for the love of Jojo and her magnificent assets.

I’m sure throughout the season I will be making plenty of references to this guy….but does everyone remember the ex that had flowers waiting for Jojo at her hometown? And she totally thought they were from Ben? Oh yes, that mess. Let’s not breeze by the fact that this guys name is Chad. Of course it is. Because Chad’s are never total tools. Ammiright? This guy is out doing interviews talking about Jojo and him getting back together between filming. Well, duh. A girl’s got needs, friend. I feel like that probably happens A TON and this guy needs to stop flattering himself. Who HASN’T found comfort with an ex after getting dumped on national television? Come on, bro. Rumor has it we might be hearing more from this guy but let’s all just wait and see.

Wait till you see the other Chad on the show, though. Here’s a sneak peak – try and hold in your vomit.


He seems…..straight.

Now, I’m only just scrolling through the line up here but I’m seeing a pattern. Model, model, singer, DJ, model model, DJ? But I bet you 20 bucks the intro lines will be like “Jason, CPA”. Sorry, CPAs don’t do fashion shoots and glamour shots. Our friend Chad here (above) is a real estate agent. Yah, that’s totally a real estate headshot. How stupid do they think we are? Wait, don’t answer that.

OMG there is a guy named James Taylor on this season…..and he thinks he is a musician. So there’s that. (If this reference goes over your head, then you are too young to be my friend.)


I’m really rooting for Jordan Rodgers though. Seriously – this guy is GOLD. Aaron Rodgers’s brother is kinda smoking hot. (Side note – HATE THE PACKERS. GO PATRIOTS!) But I can definitely recognize the potential of this bro regardless of my football allegiance. Turns out he’s smart, too. Vanderbilt?? I mean, HELLLOOOOOO. Just send the other bros home, Jojo.


Check out those jammies. Are those puppies? C’mon now… They look soft. Are they made of boyfriend material?

Let’s just hope that Jojo lives up to my personal expectations. Obviously she is going to do some dumb sh-t and make some bad choices (because ratings), but if she picks a model or a DJ, I’m going to throw my television off the second story of my home and watch it die like Jon Snow.

Now, I already have it on GOOD authority who our final 4 already are. And it’s juicy. Can’t wait for week 1 so I can tell you who I think is gonna take Jojo’s coconuts home for good. But until then, enjoy some other fun posts and a back-log I’m going to release of my previous recaps from Ben’s season. It never hurts to take a walk down memory lane… or does it, Chad?

Ooo no she didn’t. Yes she did.

MAY 23rd!!!! Let the count down begin!!!! Get those fantasy brackets ready!


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  1. Evin says:

    Katie! I’m a fan of your work (well Jeff and I both are). Jeff has slowly come forward in public as a Bachelor/Bachelorette fan (for years might I add) and reading your Facebook posts each week was the highlight of the season for us. Can’t wait to follow you here for more epic rants and saying exactly what everyone is thinking!

  2. Melissa solem says:

    Amazing . This is just amazing . I love reading how well you put in words what everyone is thinking! I love it!

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